Simply Rho Enterprises-Attitudes Performing Arts1/18/201641-50WalkersVehicles (2)
Jacksonville Job Corps Center1/28/201611-15School GroupVehicle (1)
Robert E. Lee High School3/19/2016100+Marching BandVehicle (1)
Jacksonville University Upward Bound Program4/7/201650-75School GroupFloat
"The Band" Marching Unit - Baltimore, MD6/6/201650-75Marching BandVehicle (1)
DCDEC7/8/201641-50Group WalkersVehicles (4)
JVille Riders7/27/201616-20Civic GroupM/C (4+)
Heart to Heart Christian Academy8/1/201650-75School GroupVehicle (1)
Dazzling Diamonds8/7/201621-30Group WalkersNone
Jacksonville University Upward Bound Program8/22/201650-75School GroupVehicle (1)
Girl Scouts8/29/2016100+Scout UnitNone
The Foundation Academy9/7/201631-40School GroupVehicle (1)
AssisTAX9/8/201616-20Business GroupFloat
Englewood HS Arny JROTC9/12/201676-100JROTCNone
Families of Slain Children9/15/201611-15Group WalkersVehicle (1)
KIPP Impact Middle School9/19/201621-30Marching BandNone
Dymond Dynasty Dance Academy9/26/201641-50School GroupVehicle (2)
Sheriff Williams and the Police Athletic League (PAL)9/26/201650-75Group WalkersFloat
Vette Masters of Florida9/26/201616-20Civic GroupVehicles (4+)
North Florida Twirling Academy9/30/201641-50Group WalkersVehicle (1)
MLK Elementary School Baton Twirlers9/30/201641-50School GroupVehicles (4+)
KIPP Impact Middle School Stepaholics10/3/201616-20School GroupVehicle (1)
YMLA10/3/201650-75School GroupVehicle (2)
Eden Salon10/3/201611-15Business GroupFloat
iHeart Media - 93.3 The Beat10/3/20162-5Media GroupVehicle (1)
iHeart Media - V101.510/3/20162-5Media GroupVehicle (1)
JASMYN10/11/201631-40Group WalkersVehicle (1)
American Lung Association / Civic Communication10/13/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (2)
A Seasoned Affair, Inc.10/13/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Highlands Middle School Cheer Team10/17/201621-30School GroupNone
Highlands Middle School 10/18/201650-75School GroupVehicle (1)
Andrew Jackson Sr HS AFJROTC10/18/2016100+School GroupNone
The Dance Lab Divas10/18/201641-50Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Kreative Minds Academy10/20/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Eden Salon10/20/201631-40BusinessFloat
Rabia Temple #810/21/201621-30Civic GroupBicycles
Julington Jesus' Cadet Troop 10010/23/201621-30ChurchVehicle (1)
Pepper Steppers10/24/201631-40Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Black Lives Matter 2 Dance10/29/201616-20Civic GroupNone
The Image Church10/30/201611-15Church GroupNone
Ribault High School Band11/1/201650-75Marching BandVehicle (1)
DNAP Game Party Truck11/1/20166-10BusinessVehicle (1)
Knights Templar Masons11/1/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Rising Stars Foundation11/2/201641-50Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Hyde Grove Elementary Team Up11/2/201631-40School GroupNone
Grand Park Athletic Association11/2/201650-75Civic GroupVehicle (1)
BBW-In-The-Room11/4/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Pampered Prodigy Early Learning Center11/4/201611-15School GroupVehicle (2)
Edward White HS Marching Band11/4/201650-75Marching BandNone
William Raines HS AJROTC11/5/201650-75JROTCNone
Duval Charter Scholars Academy11/5/201621-30School GroupVehicle (1)
5000 Role Models of Excellence11/6/201631-40Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Jacksonville Centre of the Arts11/6/201676-100BusinessVehicle (3)
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority11/6/201676-100Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Samuel Wolfson HS Cheerleading11/6/201616-20School GroupNone
Communities in Schools Americorp11/7/201641-50School GroupVehicle (1)
Mandarin HS NJROTC11/7/201641-50School GroupVehicle (1)
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity11/7/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (4)
Dominant Dream Team Elite11/7/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Pretty Poison All-Stars11/7/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Robert E. Lee HS NJROTC11/7/2016100+School GroupVehicle (1)
Kingz of the South - Jacksonville11/7/201616-20Civic GroupM/C 4+
Fill My Cup Ministries, Inc.11/7/201616-20Church GroupVehicle (1)
Cox Media Group11/8/20162-5MediaFloat
First Coast Alumni Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma11/8/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (1)
New Vision Assembly11/8/20166-10Church GroupVehicle (1)
Young Angels Dance Lab11/8/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.11/8/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (1)
The Dance Lab Studio1/8/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club11/9/20166-10Civic GroupMotorcycles
Divas of Dance11/9/201676-100Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Lash Spa Studio11/9/20166-10BusinessVehicle (1)
Shear Fitness Hairstyling Academy11/9/201616-20BusinessVehicle (1)
AAFSA11/9/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Apel Health Services11/9/201611-15BusinessVehicle (1)
TruSway Dance Academy11/9/201621-30BusinessVehicle (1)
William Raines HS Marching Band11/9/201650-75Marching BandNone
Matthew W. Gilbert School National Jr. Honor Society11/9/201621-30School GroupVehicle (2)
Doc Tony11/9/20162-5BusinessVehicle/Float
Somerset Preparatory Academy Cheerleaders11/9/201616-20School GroupNone
Student Transportation of America S.T. A.11/10/201616-20BusinessVehicle (2)
NAACP11/10/20166-10Non-ProfitVehicle (2)
Theta Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity11/10/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (2)
NE Florida Community Action Agency11/10/201616-20Non-ProfitVehicle (2)
Beauty Fab Lab11/10/20166-10BusinessVehicle (1)
Sho' Off Kids11/11/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Salon Ve'Nes11/11/201616-20BusinessVehicle (2)
Holy Church of the Living God11/12/201621-30Church GroupVehicle (1)
The Justice League of Fitness - I will Workout11/12/201631-40Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Holy Girls Rock Purity, Inc.11/12/201611-15Civic GroupNone
Shontese Anointing Flows11/12/201616-20Civic GroupNone
Northwestern Middle School Team Up11/13/201616-20School GroupVehicle (1)
Maine - Hustle DJS11/13/201611-15Business Vehicle (1)
The Bridge of Northeast Florida11/14/2016100+School GroupsVehicle (2)
The Law Offices of John M. Phillips11/14/20166-10BusinessFloat
Cub Scout Pack 70511/14/201616-20Civic GroupNone
First Coast Black Nurses Association11/15/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Pink Royalites11/15/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Duval Charter Scholars Academy11/15/201621-30School GroupVehicle (1)
Terry Parker High School NJROTC11/15/201641-50School GroupNone
Powerhouse Realty11/15/20162-5BusinessVehicle (1)
Holmes, Glover, Solomon Funeral Directors11/15/20166-10BusinessVehicle (3)
Sabrina Chambers11/15/201676-100BusinessNone
Lutheran Services of Florida Head Start11/15/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Stanton College Preparatory School Marching Band11/16/201631-40School GroupNone
Beta Alpha Zeta/Stork Nest11/20/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Alpha Gamma Theta11/20/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
The 40 and Older Group11/20/201621-30Civic GroupNone
Virtue Arts and Science Academy11/21/201641-50School GroupVehicle (1)
Valor Academy of Leadership11/21/201641-50School GroupVehicle (1)
Essence of a Lady, Inc.11/21/201616-20Civic GroupNone
Jacksonville Jazz Society11/21/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (4)
Justice League of Fitness11/22/201631-40Civic GroupVehicle (1)
The Posh Factory11/26/201631-40BusinessVehicle (1)
Serenity Christian Fellowship11/27/201641-50Church GroupVehicle (1)
One Body Church of Christ11/27/20162-5Church GroupVehicle (1)
Jacksonville Adventurer and Pathfinder Club11/28/201651-75Church GroupVehicle (1)
Carver Community Center11/28/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Team Up City in Schools11/28/201616-20School GroupVehicle (1)
Sho Off Kuts11/28/20162-5BusinessVehicle (1)
Jacksonville Area National Organization of Women11/29/201611-15Civic GroupNone
Tiphne Darshay Hollis Foundation11/30/201631-40Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Indulgence Dance Studio11/30/201621-30BusinessVehicle (1)
Greater New Jerusalem FGBC12/1/201616-20Church GroupNone
Wolfson HS JROTC12/1/201676-100School GroupNone
St. Paul Lutheran Church12/1/201631-40Church GroupFloat, Vehicle (2)
Brooks County High School "Empire of Sound"12/2/201650-75Marching BandNone
Duval County Retired Educators Assn  (DCEA)12/2/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Sassi Sistas of Duval Red Hat Society12/2/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle(1)
American Legion Post 19712/3/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Faces Modeling Troupe, Inc.12/3/201611-15BusinessNone
Beauty Essentials Unlimited12/5/20166-10BusinessVehicle (3)
Ribault HS Marine Corp JROTC12/5/201650-75School GroupVehicle (1)
McGowan Spinal Rehab Center12/5/20162-5BusinessVehicle (1)
Jacksonville Jazz Society12/5/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Miracle United Enterprises12/6/20162-5BusinessNone
Gamma Gamma Omicron Sigma12/6/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Edward Waters College Cheer Chicks12/6/20166-10School GroupNone
Southside Middle School Band of Gold12/7/2016100+Marching BandNone
Liberty Tax Service12/8/201621-30BusinessVehicle (3)
Mending a Heart Foundation12/9/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
C&E Real Estate Pros12/9/20166-10BusinessVehicle (1)
J.O.E. Black Caucus12/9/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church12/9/20166-10ChurchVehicle (1)
Inspiring Unique Dancers12/10/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Mad DADS12/12/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church12/12/20166-10ChurchVehicle (1)
Grand Finale Dance Company12/12/201621-30BusinessVehicle (2)
William Marion Raines Rainesmen12/13/201621-30School GroupVehicle (1)
Matthew W. Gilbert Team Up Girls Dance Group12/13/20166-10School GroupVehicle (1)
Xinos Kudos Youth Group - Phi Delta Kappa Sorority12/13/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Central Labor Council12/13/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Synsha Fashion Motique12/13/20162-5BusinessVehicle (1)
Ruff Ryders of Jacksonville12/14/201611-15M/C GroupBikes
Cornerstone Christian School12/14/201641-50School GroupFloat, Vehicle (2)
Grand Finale Dance Company12/14/201631-40BusinessVehicle (1)
Duval/Nassau Alumni of B-C U12/14/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Black Pearls12/14/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (1)
L&L Films and Productions/Elegant Model Group12/14/20166-10BusinessVehicle (1)
Pride of East OES12/14/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership12/15/201676-100School GroupNone
Women of Color Cultural Foundation12/15/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
The Kemetic Empire12/15/20166-10Civic GroupNone
Bahai Faith12/16/201621-30Church GroupVehicle (1)
Royal-T Pageant12/17/201611-15Civic GroupNone
Sal Tech Charter High School12/17/201641-50School GroupVehicle (3)
Park/Phoebe Masonic Club12/17/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (4)
Green Party of Duval County12/18/201621-30Civic GroupNone
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity12/18/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Andrew Jackson HS12/19/201616-20School GroupVehicle (1)
Miss Black US Ambassador12/19/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Senator Audrey Gibson12/19/20162-5Democratic PartyVehicle (1)
Carnival Organization of Jacksonville, Inc.12/20/201641-50Business GroupVehicle (1)
Ragin Bullz M/C 12/20/201611-15M/C GroupNone
Diamonds and Pearls Studio of Dance12/20/201621-30Business GroupVehicle (1)
Catapult Academy12/21/201621-30School GroupVehicle (1)
Family Support Services of North Florida12/21/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
Unity and Diversity Dancers12/21/201616-20Business GroupNone
MWUGL of Florida PHA12/22/201641-50Civic GroupFloat, Vehicles
Honorable Kimberly Daniels District 1412/22/20162-5State of FloridaVehicle (1)
Dazzling Diamonds Majorettes Dance Group12/22/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Girls Run it Tonite LLC (G.R.I.T.)12/22/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
First Coast HS Marching Band12/22/201676-100School GroupNone
Agape Community Health Network12/22/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Coca-Cola of Florida12/22/201641-50SponsorVehicle (2)
Jackson Hewitt12/22/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
Jacksonville Beauty Institute12/23/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (2)
UniverSoul Circus12/23/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
North Florida Educational Institute12/23/201651-75Business GroupVehicle (2)
Link Up 2 Lift Up Citizens Against Misconduct12/23/201641-50Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Alpha Gamma Theta Fraternity12/23/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Kingz of the South M/C - Jacksonville12/23/20166-10Civic GroupMotorcycles
A New Plan Property Management, LLC12/24/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
Stilwell Middle School Dance Team12/25/20166-10School GroupExempt
Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc. IX Chapter12/27/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
JFRD Explorer/Apprentice Program12/27/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Anuraj Mehta12/27/20161IndividualSingle Walker
Higher Learning Hoops12/28/201611-15Civic GroupNone
Honey Dripper House LLC12/28/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Love of God Ministries12/28/20166-10Church GroupVehicle (1)
Southern Christian Leadership Conference12/28/20162-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Alpha Kappa Alpha Gamma Rho Omega Chapter12/29/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (4)
DivaStylez Girlfriends12/29/201611-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Dazzling Lady Saints Dance Team - Sandalwood HS
12/30/201611-15School GroupNone
The Black Cowboys12/30/201616-20Civic GroupHorses
Exploring Expressions12/30/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Building Powerful Minds12/30/201621-30Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Florida Next Top Model12/30/201616-20Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Alpha Kappa Alpha Pi Eta Omega Chapter12/30/20166-10Civic GroupVehicle (1)
Xinjinse Barter Thrift12/30/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce12/30/20166-10Business GroupVehicle (2)
BluTek Protective Services12/30/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (2)
DTLR12/30/20162-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
Maceo Elks Lodge #81/3/20172-5Civic GroupVehicle (1)
CPC Drum Corp1/3/201721-30Church GroupVehicle (3)
The Black Commission1/4/201711-15Civic GroupNone
#White&Woke1/4/20176-10Civic GroupNone
Edward Waters College Band (EWC)1/4/201750-75School GroupNone
Black Girls Run1/4/201716-20Civic GroupNone
Sons of Abraham Lodge #241/4/201721-30Civic GroupNone
Law offices of Farah and Farah1/4/201721-30Business GroupNone
Simply Air Heating & AC1/4/20176-10Business GroupVehicle (1)
International Mason1/4/201750-75Civic GroupVehicle (2)
Princess Patch Girls Spa1/5/20176-10Business GroupNone
Faith Auto Sales1/5/20172-5Business GroupVehicle (1)
Duval Glam Squad1/5/201711-15Civic GroupVehicle (1)



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc.